Planning a Flawless Budget Baby Shower With a Little Help From Apps

I was completely overjoyed after finding out that my best friend was expecting, so of course I offered to host her baby shower right away. Then I quickly realized: I’ve never actually hosted a baby shower before. Luckily, we both agreed on a pretty low-budget and casual shower, so I knew it wouldn’t be too hard, but I still wanted to make it a nice event and an afternoon to remember.

To help me in my planning process, I looked up some online articles about how to plan a baby shower. The articles with titles like ‘virtual baby shower games‘, ‘baby shower planning guide’, and ‘baby shower decorations’ seemed helpful in providing tips on things like budgeting, decorations, food, and activities. With the help of these articles, I was able to plan a successful and memorable baby shower for my best friend.

The second thing I did was start looking for apps that could help me out with all the various elements, like sending out invitations, making lists, setting up a registry, and getting good prices on decorations and food. I was definitely not disappointed by what I found! There was an app for just about everything I could possibly need to pull off the event, and we even ended up under-budget.

Make Planning Easier with a To-Do Checklist

The one app that I would say was most important throughout the entire planning process was none other than my handy to-do list app. Timing is everything when it comes to planning any party, especially if you’re trying to save money. For example, I used my baby shower planning checklist not only to keep track of everything I needed to get but also to mark sale dates and the best days to buy everything. If you have a shower coming up and know holidays like the Fourth of July or Memorial Day weekend are happening in between now and the day of, you can jump on those inevitable sales for things like baby shower decorations. I also used these sales as a good opportunity to cross things off of my own baby shower gift checklist for my friend.

Shop Deals and Discounts for a Budget Party

Try to find good sale dates, and make sure you purchase the items on time. Budgeting for a party may mean planning for decor, utilities, food, beverages, and other necessities. For each item on your to-do list, make sure you plan well to ensure you get the best deal. By doing this, you can save money on your heating, decoration, and other big expenses. It’s also a good idea to find inexpensive alternatives as well as coupons and discount codes. Every cent counts when you’re planning a baby shower on a low budget! I was able to get creative with some dollar-store baby shower ideas, but I knew I would need to find some solid deals for the pricier items on my list. While searching for good apps to help me plan and get discounts, I came across these great recommendations that were just what I was looking for:

Top Apps to Plan a Baby Shower Without Breaking the Bank

I actually found Babylist Baby Registry by reading through these app suggestions, which I immediately signed up for. I was happy to find out that there’s an automatic discount when gifts are purchased through the app! I also found a helpful app with special offers for ordering food that fit our baby shower menu budget and was easy to pick up and serve on the day of the party without having to prepare food and make a mess of my friend’s kitchen.

Save on your Venue with a Home Shower

We saved quite a bit of money on the shower just by hosting the celebration at her home. A living room baby shower was a nice, intimate setting for about 20 guests, and all I had to do was decorate to make it special. I used inspiration and crafting apps to get at home baby shower ideas for making the space look cute and even found suggestions for at home baby shower games we could play. There are plenty of other people who have done DIY baby showers at home and on a budget, so there were lots of good examples to choose from, like simple photo booth set-ups and adorable guest book options.

In all, it was a big success, and the afternoon went off without a hitch. All the apps I used were a huge help and made everything go much more smoothly. I’m already excited to plan the next one!

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