8 Best Women’s Leather Jackets for Fall

Summer is a particularly “easy” time for fashion enthusiasts and those who just want to keep up with the latest trends to stay current, especially since we all seem to be living in hotter climates on account of climate change. We don’t wear all that much in summer, whereas in winter it’s a totally different story. During the colder months your dress sense really gets tested and this is when those who lay claim to the fashionista tag have to prove themselves more out of necessity than anything else. There’s no getting away from the need to dress up on account of the weather, but you want to look good in spite of that…

Somewhere in between the two extremes of summer and winter lies the autumn season, which in my opinion is the best season for fashionistas to really strut their stuff and show their worth. We are however living in a time when even the most cutting-edge of fashion trendsetters and the most up-to-date followers want to express their individualism within the current trends and what better way to do so than to take your women leather jacket pick from eight of the best which are in style for this fall?

Colette Brown Leather Jacket

A sort of illuminated brown screams “fall”, doesn’t it? Colette’s brown leather piece is about as standard as fall fashion basics come, going well with virtually any outfit for the season.

Colette Brown Leather Jacket For Women-1551971782739.jpg

Flashback Leather Biker Jacket

Who said biker jackets are only for the lads? The different colours along with the breast collar designs strike a nice balance between femininity and the kind of grit which is required to slay it in spite of the changing weather!

Flashback Red Leather Biker Jacket For Women-1551973625472.jpg

…and if blue is more your colour, it makes for a great alternative to the red design.

Flashback Blue Leather Biker Jacket For Women-1551973667814.jpg

Kelsee Leather Biker Jacket

Kelsee’s iteration of leather biker jackets opts for the collarless design, which adds a certain air of sophistication to the “biker-chic” element…

Kelsee Green Leather Biker Jacket For Women-1551972435789.jpg

The green Kelsee Leather Biker Jacket is about as autumn as colours can get, symbolic of those plants which are more of the evergreen variety, while the maroon colour variation goes back to the different shades of colour depicted in those leaves which are shed in the fall.

Kelsee Maroon Leather Biker Jacket For Women-1551972619963.jpg

For a little bit more of a bespoke look to your Kelsee Leather Biker Jacket, you can go for the Distressed Black design. It’s not quite the darkest black you’ll find on planet earth, so it’s in no way a piece you can wear exclusively for occasions such as funerals!

Kelsee Distressed Black Leather Biker Jacket-1551972735917.jpg

That swiftly brings us into women custom leather jacket territory, but if you’re looking to venture a little bit beyond the leather realms, Suede makes for a great alternative, inherently bringing with it a style variation.

Kelsee Navy Blue Suede Biker Jacket

Is there a better colour for a suede finish to a leather outer shell than navy blue?

Kelsee Navy Blue Suede Biker Jacket For Women-1551972831141.jpg

Suzy Mocha Suede Jacket

Also boasting a real leather outer shell, this piece offers the comfort and weather-specific functionality of leather, while presenting a smart-casual suede appearance, sure to make you stand out in a very classy and understated fashion.

Suzy Mocha Suede Jacket For Women-1551971416176.jpg
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