How to stay focused when driving long distances

When you’re driving it’s easy to become distracted by things in and outside the car no matter how much experience you have behind the wheel. It can be even more distracting when driving long distance as there’s more time for you to lose focus. If you are planning a long distance road trip, it’s best to be prepared for any distractions you may encounter along the way.

Kwik Fit has created an interactive game that tests your reaction times which can help you before you set off on your long drive. Here are some tips you should consider for your journey to avoid being #DrivenToDistraction.

Plan your route

Having an idea of the roads you’ll be driving along will give you one less thing to worry about. If you plan ahead it will help put your mind at ease, especially if you find a route that is likely to be a lot less busy. Or you could plan in a tourist attraction along the way to help break up the journey and make it more adventurous.

Take regular breaks

Taking regular breaks is important when driving long distances to avoid fatigue. It’s recommended that for every 2 hours you should take a 15 minute break and try to get a good night’s sleep the night before setting off. If you do find yourself getting tired whilst driving along, pull over in a safe place and take a short nap if needed.

Keep entertained

If you’re travelling with passengers ensure they avoid distracting you. Instead, passengers can try to stay entertained by listening to music, watching a film or even playing classic car games. If you’re driving alone, you could create a playlist of your favourite songs or listen to an audiobook or podcast to pass the time.

Stay hydrated

One of the major causes of fatigue is dehydration, so try to keep yourself topped up throughout your journey. Being dehydrated can also affect your physical and mental performance so it’s vital that you drink enough. Water is the best choice of drink when driving long distance as it quenches your thirst and will keep you hydrated for longer but caffeine and energy drinks can keep you alert and stimulated.

Get some fresh air

If you notice yourself drifting off into a daydream, keep your eyes open by putting the windows down and let some fresh air into the car. Even a quick blast of the cool air conditioner can help you stay alert and focused, as warm air is more likely to make you feel tired and restless.

Ensure you’re energised

Try to eat well on your long car journey to keep your energy levels up. It’s easy to reach for chocolate and sweet snacks, but by opting for more nutritious foods such as fruit and veg over sugary foods, you will feel more energised as these will help fuel your body for the duration of your trip.

These are just some of the ways you can stay focused when driving long distances. Remember that if you do start to notice your attention beginning to lag on your long car journey, it’s best to take a break and get some rest before continuing on your way.

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