3 Must-Haves For Looking Fabulous With Minimal Effort

Are you someone who loves to look good but hates spending an hour in front of the mirror primping?  Perhaps you have a busy job, kids to look after, or maybe you’re just plain lazy. Regardless of whatever your lack of motivation for getting ready is, the good news is, there’s still hope.

Instead of spending your precious time on fussing with your face when you could be sleeping in, take a look at some of the best ways to look good without having to do much at all. 

Hair Extensions

If you aren’t someone who was blessed with voluminous naturally fabulous hair, then it takes some effort to make it look decent.  Not only does good hair require washing and conditioning, but in most people’s cases, some styling tools too.  

If applying products and using any sort of tool on your head feels like a drag, then you may want to consider getting hair extensions.  Although it requires an initial investment that can range close to a thousand dollars, it’s well worth the price for lazy girls.

You can roll out of bed, looking like a mermaid without having to touch a styling tool.  If you’re up for the price tag and going in for regular upkeep every few months, then this may be the perfect solution for you.

Lash Extensions

So, you love having glamorous eyes that look alive and dramatic, but you couldn’t figure out how to use liquid eyeliner if your life depended on it.  One of the easiest ways to look like you’re on the cover of a magazine every morning without having to touch eyeliner is by getting lash extensions. 

You’ll need to go in for a fill every two to three weeks, but many women are perfectly fine with this time commitment because of the perks.  Just imagine getting out of the shower, or even working out at the gym with flawless eyes! 

Liquid Lipstick

Looking great all day requires more than just putting on makeup in the morning.  In order to keep your look going for more than two hours, you’ll need to retouch your makeup a few times.

If you’re not up for reapplying your lipstick every time that you eat or drink something, then this can put you in a real pickle.   Liquid lipstick is here to save the day. 
One coat of liquid lipstick can last as long as eight hours, even resisting food and drink.  This makes it easy to stay glamorous all day without having to take multiple trips to the ladies room for retouches!  Just make sure that you invest in a quality brand; otherwise, it can be a cakey and crusty disaster.

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