Paranoid About Digital Security? Justify Your Reasoning

There are legitimate reasons to be paranoid about digital security these days. We’ve all heard horror stories of people getting their identity stolen, and if you’ve ever been sent strange text messages or emails that make you nervous, you’re not alone. With how connected all of our mobile devices and our computers are as well, this provides a lot of security risks that you need to understand how to mitigate in your daily behaviors.

There are lots of different ways that digital security can work to your advantage or your disadvantage. That’s why it’s important to use a data protection service like Venyu Baton Rouge (or similar service near you), and to ask so many questions when you use digital devices. For example, are you aware that keyboards can be a source of digital insecurity? If you use password managers, there are pros and cons of how they are set up.

And, there are even some specific reasons that you need to understand which of your emails may or may not be encrypted. It’s all part of the same security profile that you have to develop for yourself over the years.

Keyboards and Data Entry

As you are typing out sensitive information on your keyboard that goes into your mobile device or your desktop, you may be wondering if your Bluetooth keyboard is secure. That’s not a bad thing to be concerned about. If you’ve ever heard of keyloggers, you know that one way hackers get your information is by registering every single keystroke that you push down. If hackers receive this data somehow by getting into your Bluetooth system processes, that puts you at risk for sure.

Password Managers

One of the best ways to handle password protection these days is to use a password manager. It is a fantastic and secure way to handle most of your security needs, but there is one problem that has a caveat. If someone gets ahold of your master password, you are in big trouble. You need to make sure it is absolutely secure, it is not written down anywhere, and there’s no possible way that anyone could guess it.

With face ID and Touch ID, that helps with some of the security measures regarding master passwords, but you still have to be cautious about your ability to unlock your password vault.

Email Encryption

How much sensitive information you think goes back and forth between people in the form of an email? Depending on if there is financial information in those messages, or if there is enough information to create a health or history profile, your email can be quite a treasure trove of data for hackers. Because of this, some people consider using email encryption. That probably is not a bad idea, but the one problem with that effort is that if someone hacks your email password itself, then that encryption is a moot point.

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