5 Tips For Home Decorating On A Budget

There are plenty of things to think about when decorating your new home.  Above all, you’re probably wondering how you’re possibly going to pay for it all when you’re on a tight budget.  It’s easy to start thinking of ideas; however, when you begin to see what the cost will be, it can be overwhelming.

However, decorating your home with limited funds doesn’t have to mean you can’t have the home of your dreams.  It’s entirely possible to design your home just the way you’d like it while staying in your budget, especially if you use a free budget worksheet to keep track of expenses. Here are some of the best tips for creating the home of your dreams without the hefty price tag to match.

Replace Your Fixtures

One of the oldest tricks in the book is to upgrade your fixtures.  Whether it’s you’re cabinet handles or upgrading your drain stoppers, a shiny new accessory can make your bathroom or kitchen look new without having to remodel. 

With a few additions that add flair and the illusion of an expensive replacement, you can instantly transform the room. Like, you could even choose to replace the windows and doors if you notice that they have weathered due to time or climate by consulting with experts from companies like Kelly Window & Door. Professionals can also advise you on which designs may work best with your home. These minor replacements and fixtures can also make your home appear new.

Shop Second Hand

Don’t be afraid to buy things that have already been used.  Just because something has been previously purchased by someone doesn’t mean that it isn’t good anymore.   The minute that something is purchased it degrades in value significantly, even if it’s hardly been used.

Before you rule out being able to afford a new couch or dining set, consider looking into second-hand options.  You might be surprised to find that you can have exactly what you want used that you could have never afforded brand new.

Don’t Be Afraid To DIY

Sometimes the only way to create a space perfect for your taste is to create it yourself. There are many links on sites like Pinterest which offer instructions on how to transform your living room using things you’d never imagine. You can also find ways to craft a home study space here.

Some people make a hobby out of going to the thrifts store to scout out items that they can DIY into a beautiful new piece of furniture.  Sometimes all it takes is some sandpaper and a bucket of paint! 

Be Creative With What You Have

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as an interior designer is throwing away missed opportunities that are sitting under our nose.  Get creative and think outside of the box. What do you already have that could be transformed or put to better use? 

Go Minimalist

When choosing a design style on a budget, it’s ideal to go minimalist.  Not only do fewer items cost less money, but minimalist decor is never out of style. 

Even though minimalism may not be top on your taste list, it’s the best way to keep your costs down without looking like you ran out of money.

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