Signs To Look Out For If You Suspect Domestic Violence

Some people think that domestic violence is easy to identify. They assume someone will ask for help if they need it. However, someone being abused is usually too scared to speak up. Often people in the middle of a domestic abuse situation are so scared of what their partner may do that they try their hardest to hide the abuse.

It may seem strange to someone on the outside that the abused would try to protect the abuser. However, this is a classic example of the cycle of abuse. In order to break it, sometimes it takes an outsider to identify things that may not always be obvious on the surface. With your help, hopefully, they can break free and take legal action to protect themselves.

If you suspect that someone you love may be a victim of domestic violence, then take a look at some of the most telltale signs.

Physical Marks

Bruises or signs of physical abuse is the most apparent sign that most people look out for. They are usually marks which indicate a struggle or being held down against their will. In some cases, they may have a black eye or a busted lip.

While innocent accidents do happen, you’ll usually find in domestic abuse cases that the victim has inconsistent or poor excuses for how the marks occurred. If the story seems fishy, or if they seem hesitant to explain, then this is probably a red flag that you aren’t getting the whole truth.

Changes In Behavior

A victim of abuse will be affected by the pain that they’re enduring. Their behavior will start to change as the violence continues. If they were once outgoing and confident, they might start to become more withdrawn and quiet.

Things that once interested them will no longer spark their attention. They may cancel plans a lot, or have excuses for canceling last minute. Try not to make the mistake of taking this personally, instead help them get out of the abusive situation. You can be there for the person, maybe suggest to them a family lawyer such as the ones available at peters and may to understand what action can be taken against their partner, including filing a harassment case and divorce. Don’t ignore the signs since the person in an abusive relationship might be relying on you to show them hope and support. They probably need your help more than ever.

Acting Fearful Around Their Partner

Try to look at how they interact with their partner who you suspect may be performing the abuse. If they seem submissive in their presence or change their behavior as soon as they’re around, it’s something you should definitely take into consideration.

Try to take notes of their interactions together.  Do they seem happy and joyful in their presence, or do they look uncomfortable and eager to get away?

Try to notice how their partner acts with them.  If they seem controlling and overbearing, then this is a sign of an imbalance in their relationship.  The reason that the abuser abuses is because they want to instill fear and maintain control.

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