4 Reasons UK Cities Are Best Enjoyed from Serviced Apartments

One of the great things about visiting a country with as much history as the UK is finding a score of cities and towns that can keep visitors occupied for weeks. Of course, one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make is what kind of accommodation to book, so here are just four reasons why UK cities are best explored from a serviced apartment.

1. Historical Buildings

Whether visiting from within our own borders or flying in from further afield, most people make trips to UK cities because of their history, so why stay in a generic hotel where every room is the same and the building isn’t even old? Serviced apartments make a better choice because they’re usually converted from older builders. Each one will feel uniquely part of the city’s history.

2. Central Location

Like most European cities, those in the UK haven’t exactly sprung up overnight, which means most larger hotels will have to have been built far from the centre. This isn’t ideal for most visitors since it means you can’t walk to attractions. Instead, you’ll need to take a taxi or public transport. Since serviced apartments are often converted from older buildings, you’ll be able to find plenty that are set right in the middle of town. It’ll be easier to get around, and you’ll feel more like a part of the city.

3. Home Setting

If you’re staying in a UK city, you probably want to feel like part of the city rather than just a visitor, and booking a serviced apartment can help make that happen. You’ll have all the comforts of home, including plenty of space to spread out and relax, so you won’t just feel like you’re passing through.

4. Ideal for Long Term Stays

Speaking of not just feeling like you’re passing through, serviced apartments are great for longer stays since you tend to get deals for booking more than a couple of weeks. While you can certainly enjoy many UK cities over a weekend, you won’t get a full impression without staying a little longer.

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