5 reasons why being a driving instructor is a great lifestyle choice

Matt Press is a car fanatic and the founder of The Drive Hive, a place where learners can book intensive driving courses.

You can’t move on the internet for advice on how to make money. Or what you need to do in order to enjoy a laptop lifestyle. But actually, one of the best jobs you can do (in terms of financial reward and flexibility) is to be a driving instructor. Need convincing? Here are 5 reasons why…

Reason 1: You get to spend your day in a car

It sounds obvious, but if you have the slightest passion for driving (and cars in general), you’ll love getting out and about every day. Who wants to be stuck in an office between 9 and 5, when you could be on the road seeing the world?

And the great thing is, the more you drive (or get driven), the more experience you pick up and the better an instructor you become.

Reason 2: You get to be a teacher

From job satisfaction to personal gratification, there’s nothing quite like being a teacher. Maybe it’s a power thing. Perhaps it’s the element of pity. Either way, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a position of responsibility.

Reason 3: You get to work on your terms

Whether you need flexibility for the school run or a dentist appointment, you’ll be happier if you’re not answerable to a boss. Of course, you could work for a driving school, but even then, you get to choose when you turn on the ignition.

Don’t be held to ransom or made to beg for an afternoon off. Set your own schedule and work on your terms.

Reason 4: You’re able to make as much money as you want

Basically, when you’re a driving instructor, you get paid when you teach. So if you want to earn more cash, you do more driving. It’s that simple. And you could always offer intensive driving courses to make more profit in a shorter time period.

If you did this, you could work solid for a couple of weeks and then take a break. This is particular relevant if you’re a parent and you need to have time off for school holidays.

Reason 5: You get to change people’s lives

Learning to driving and passing your driving test is one of the biggest things we do in our adult lives. It’s something we remember forever, so it’s pretty cool to do a job that can be that impactful.

How often do you do something that helps someone else? I bet it isn’t often. And as a driving instructor, you’re going to have a real impact on someone’s future.

So there you have it. There are 5 great reasons why being a driving instructor is so awesome. If you’d like a comfortable income and the ability to have a say in when you work and when you don’t, it could be the career for you.

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