Most Common Causes of Depression

Depression can affect a wide variety of people at any given age. Although the exact reasons why some people develop depression isn’t always known, there are many similarities.

In some cases, depression isn’t preventable. It is not something that leaves you all of a sudden. If you’re diagnosed with depression, you may have to deal with it every now and then. Some people make use of cannabis products from sites like Weedsmart (you could learn more about it online), but such options have to be chosen only after careful research. That said, in some cases, the cause of depression may be a result of circumstances that can be avoided. Here are some of the most common reasons for depression.

Physical Issues

Research shows that mind and body are intertwined. If you are experiencing physical pain, then it may transfer into mental pain as well.

If you get injured at work or develop a chronic illness it could lead to symptoms of depression. If you start to feel your mental health declining, ask yourself whether it may be a result of any physical discomfort that you’re experiencing.


There are some people who are naturally inclined towards depression through their genetics. If you have a parent or siblings with depression, it may put you at greater risk for developing it as well.

Chemical Imbalance

Depression is caused in some cases by an imbalance of chemicals in the brain. These chemicals are responsible for regulating your mood. Therefore, when you’re short on supply, it can lead to what is known as clinical depression.


Studies have shown that women are twice more likely to suffer from depression than men. A large reason for this is because of women’s hormones.

Women may be more prone to depression during periods of fluctuating hormones such as during pregnancy, menstruation, and menopause. In fact, women’s chances of developing depression drop after she has completed menopause.


Some people have what is referred to as seasonal affective disorder. Their depression may be caused by the weather causing a disturbance in their circadian rhythm.

During the months of less light, people spend less time outdoors and as a result, become more depressed.

Poor Diet

You may think that a poor diet only results in physical effects; however, it can also have an impact on the mind. A diet lacking essential vitamins and minerals can result in depression-like symptoms.


Consuming drugs and alcohol can lead to depression. This isn’t limited to illegal drugs. In many cases, people develop depression from the medications that their doctors prescribe them.

That’s why it’s always important to read any warnings about medications that you’ve been prescribed in case you develop symptoms of depression.

Grief and Loss

When someone experiences a loss such as the death of a loved one, their grieving process may involve depression-like symptoms. They may have difficulties eating, sleeping, and no longer enjoy being social.

It’s important that if you are experiencing these behaviors following a loss that you seek help from friends and family. Otherwise, your symptoms may develop further.

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