3 Tips For More Productive Business Travel

While traveling for business can be draining, it doesn’t have to leave you feeling like you’ve lost out on days of working simple because you were out of the office. With the right mindset and proper planning, you can find the same amount of productivity when you’re on the road as you do when you’re focused back at your desk. To show you how this can effectively be done, here are three tips for having more productive business travel in the future.

Try To Always Book A Direct Flight

One of the biggest things that can throw a wrench in your plans for productivity during your business travels are flight delays. Issues with flights can happen anywhere, at any time, and for seemingly any reason. To reduce the chances of you having to deal with problems with your flights, it only makes sense that you’d want to be involved with the fewest number of flights possible. To accomplish this, Michele Herrmann, a contributor to The Muse, recommends that you try to always book direct flights rather than having a layover somewhere. By doing this, you’ll be able to get to your final destination sooner and start getting some real, uninterrupted work done.

Plan Ahead and For Contingencies

To help you stay productive regardless of where you happen to be and how you’ll be getting there, Nicolas Cole, a contributor to Entrepreneur.com, recommends that you think ahead to what you’ll need at any given time and then plan for at least a few contingencies to that plan.

For example, if you’ll be spending quite a bit of time driving during your business travels, try to plan phone calls while you’re on the road so you can get work done without becoming too distracted and putting yourself or others in danger. Additionally, you should be sure you’ll have a WiFi signal when you’ll need one or have downloaded any work you’ll required straight to your devices so you can access it without any issues. If you are able to have a WiFi signal throughout your travel time, you then may want to access your files through your cloud storage, so you can make any changes to them in real-time which will be received on the other end. Just make sure that you backup files into the cloud as a precaution at the end of what you are doing, so you have a cloud copy and a file copy.

Create A Schedule And Do Your Best To Stick To It

If you’re needing to make the most of every hour of your time while on your business travels, Tim McHugh, a contributor to AllBusiness.com, recommends that you create a schedule for every chunk of time you have and then stick to that schedule as closely as you can. Include everything you need to do in your schedule, including sleep, returning emails, and meals, so that you can be sure that you’re not wasting any time or forgetting to take care of something important.

If you’ve finished business travel feeling like you’re more behind than ever, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you find ways to be more productive when you’re on the road for work.

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