3 Signs That Your Child Might Need Glasses

The last thing any parent wants is for their child to have to struggle through a hard challenge. But while many of the struggles your kids face will be obvious to you, some of them won’t. For those struggles that you can’t see, it’s good to know what warning signs you should be aware of so you can recognize when something might be amiss and you can get your child the help he or she needs. For many kids, one such struggle is with their vision. So if you think your child might be having a hard time due to things in life being a little blurry for them, here are three signs that your child might be needing glasses.

Holding Things Too Close To Their Face

One of the most obvious signs that parents often recognize in their child when they need glasses is their child holding things too close to their face. According to Dr. Megan Elizabeth Collins, a contributor to Johns Hopkins Medicine, this includes holding books closer than you think they should need to or sitting too close to the TV screen. This type of behavior in your child could be a sign that their distance vision isn’t good, which could required glasses or contact lenses in order to see correctly. If you notice your child keeping things too close to their face, schedule an appointment with an eye doctor to see if their eye health is where it should be.

Frequent Squinting

Another possible indication that your child’s vision is suffering is if you notice he or she squinting frequently. According to Dr. Troy Bedinghaus, a contributor to Very Well Health, squinting can briefly change the shape of the eyes, which can often help an image come sharper into focus for a few seconds. Additionally, squinting can also block some of the light that comes into your child’s eye, which can allow them to focus more of their visual efforts onto just what they’re trying to look at rather than the whole visual picture in front of them. While doing this occasionally might not mean their vision is poor, frequent squinting could mean your child should be wearing glasses. After observing such symptoms in your children, you can look for stores that sell eye glasses online for kids. Before ordering new glasses, you can consult a doctor to know about the eye lens power required for your kid.

Eye Rubbing Or Headaches

A symptom of vision problems that can often be easily overlooked in children is if they rub their eyes a lot or complain of headaches on a regular basis. According to AllAboutEyes.com, having poor vision that isn’t corrected can put a lot of strain on your eyes as you try to see clearly. For many kids, this can result in getting dry or tired eyes, which can cause them to rub their eyes in order to bring some relief. Additionally, when the eyes are working overtime just trying to see, headaches can also happen.

If you’ve noticed some of the above mentioned behaviors in your child, he or she might be in need of correction to their vision.

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