My Favourite Winter Recipes

Wow!!! The winter times are here, the coolest season of the year. A time that falls between late November to early March, a period of holidays. There are lots of celebrations during this period, which includes Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New year. This period of time, you are not at work, the kids are not in school, you spend most of your time traveling or resting away at home with friends and families.

The winter times is actually the best time to get together with some of your pal’s, round a dining table filled with delicious foods to eat. However, the winter period also bring with it few issues. As the cold weather roll, you can get infectious diseases like a very bad cold, that cause fever, pains and weakness. You have to be very prepared, so as not to get flu this winter. So, when the day get colder, it is a great time to start making stews, noodles, or ginger juice. Winter Recipes are good for the coldest months of the year. These recipes are simple to prepare, they are nourishing meals, one you can feel good serving to your friends or families. The perfect holidays treat.

Here are some of my favourite winter recipes. From gingerbread cupcakes to chilli con-carne, this recipes are great options for the long winter period.

Chicken And Vegetables

A roasted chicken and vegetables cooked slowly in olive oil in an oven, is a perfect masterpiece for christmas celebration. A simply season chicken, mixed with vegetables such as lettuce, tomato or grilled salads, tossed with olive oil, is guaranteed to make your winter holidays a memorable one.

And the best part is –

You don’t need to worry about adding few pounds.


Chicken mixed with vegetables is a perfect and healthy combination, it is high in fibre, rich in protein, gluten-free, and omega-3. This recipe is easy to prepare and delicious to eat. Chicken and vegetables is an ideal recipe to help keep the winter lively and warm with full nutritional benefits.

Gingerbread Cupcakes

Gingerbread cupcakes is simple to prepare, they are super fancy and topped with ingredients that makes it more creamy, thick, smooth and mouth watering. It’s the perfect recipe to have around during big parties or holidays. Your kids will love them too. The main ingredient -ginger- is very nourishing for your little one’s, good recipe for flu.

Gingerbread cup take just 30 minutes time to be ready. If your kids want dinner as soon as you get back late in the evening, you can throw them this easy, tasty and satisfying meal.

Chicken Noodle Soup

This is the best meal for a cold evening, it helps you get warm up from the inside. Chicken noodle soup is easy to cook, it takes little time to prepare, within 20 minutes your chicken noodle soup is all ready to be served.

Chilli Con-carne Soup

This is a classic homemade recipe. The hot spicy mexican dish is made with meat, beans, and chilli. It gives you a hot tasty aroma. This is simple and time saving, you can prepare this from scratch. Chilli con-carne soup is just what you need to recover from a cold.

Make your winter season a memorable one with this impressive recipes.

So, there we are.

These are my top favourite winter recipes – what are yours?!

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