Top 5 Kitchen Essentials

Setting up a kitchen does not require you spending your whole savings on designs, furniture and kitchen utensils. Not every kitchen needs that luxurious looks, it might just be a room, in which all your meals are cooked or prepared. Kitchen don’t seem to much, what matters most is your level of skills and knowledge of which tools to use, and how to use them.

From frying, boiling, baking, stirring, mixing and cutting, you need to have the right tools for different purposes, and having them easily accessible in the kitchen. They don’t have to be that expensive. Most kitchen utensils are very affordable and easy to use, however, your budget depends largely on what type of kitchen you want. A commercial kitchen is quite different from personal home kitchen. It has a different cooking experience and requires a lot of spending.

Big businesses spend hundreds and thousands of dollars equipping their kitchen with the latest kitchen utensils and gadgets. They are after customers, and the more the customers, the more the profit. However, this is different from a personal home kitchen. You don’t need to break the bank trying to create a perfect kitchen, but your home kitchen needs to be as close to convenient. With the right kitchen utensils, you can create an amazing cooking experience.

Kitchen essential are top utensils likely to be found in any kitchen, be it commercial or a personal home kitchen. We all have that favourite kitchen utensils we can’t do without. These utensils makes work in the kitchen more fun and easy as possible. Call it “simple machine”, you ain’t wrong.

Here are the top 5 kitchen essential you need to have at all time in the kitchen.

1) Knives: knives are the most important kitchen utensils in every kitchen. It is the most used utensils of all time. Knives comes in different types and sizes. They are

  • Cheese knife: a knife with special curved blade with two points on the end, used for cutting and picking up piece of cheese.
  • Steak knife: a special blade for eating steak
  • Bread knife: a special knife used for cutting breads
  • Carving knife: a large shape knife for cutting cooked meat.

And many more

With a good shape, pointed and quality knife, you can chop and slice any food substances as much as possible. When shopping for knives, don’t go looks, you need something reliable, something that fit your hand, with nice weight, an easy to hold knife. A well sharpen knife can speed up your work the kitchen. Dull and weak knives are very dangerous to have in the kitchen, it can lead to injuries and accidents.

2) Frying pan: Whether for frying, or baking foods in the oven, frying pan can be a very useful utensil to have in the kitchen. Most frying pans are of from stainless steel or aluminium materials, with non-stick and oven-safe handle. Frying pans with rubber handles should be avoided, so you don’t get burnt on you hand when the heat is very high. The aluminium made pans are not very reliable. It can’t handle high heat. Thin aluminium frying pans can leave burn spot, they go from new to old in no time. Always buy pans that are made of quality stainless steel, and that are large. Large pans are great for stirring food, it also helps distribute heat evenly when cooking.

3) Spatulas: Spatulas are broad flat blade used for  picking, mixing and spreading food substances in the kitchen. Unfortunately, many of us don’t really know how to spatulas. There are different types of spatula for different occasions. We don’t have to use the wrong spatula in a wrong way. Identifying the right spatula for the right job is very important.

4) Cooking Pots: Whether you use it to heat up soup, store food or to boil water, depending on the amount and size, cooking pot is one important utensil you are likely to use every time you are in the kitchen. It comes different shapes and sizes. The bigger your tasks, the bigger the pot.

5) Tongs: A high-quality stainless steel ring is what you need to get your cooking adventure going. They are great for flitting any ingredients. It is also used to stir food. Having a tong and pan in your kitchen, gives you a magical cooking experience.

Every kitchen should have some of these essential utensils, and if you don’t have any of these in your kitchen, I recommend you go get them right away.

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