My Favourite Autumn Nature Retreats

During autumn as the leaves on the trees begin to turn yellowish and the leaves start to fall off, all I can just think about is a vacation to a location so peaceful and quiet where I can just enjoy nature to the fullest. Now a lot of people have this dream also, because as the year is almost coming to an end, and you have worked and worked since the beginning of the year, a well-deserved vacation that can get you away from all the rush of the city to a place calm enough that you can even hear the birds sing. But now, not many countries can offer places like this, but the few that do, it is just an exquisite sight to behold. Some of the few places are

  • Bavaria in Southern Germany


Germany just seems to have the best autumn colours, and the best part is that there is a castle just around the corner, a medieval bridge that takes you back in time and a stunning church. When you combine all this together, it feels like you are a character in a fairytale story. The best way to explore this awesome location is by renting a car although the town is small but still seems to be nature’s finest.

  • Torres Del Paine in Chile


Patagonia a region with a distinct spirit that is famous for its rugged terrain, and home to the world’s largest glaciers. A trip to Torres Del Paine in Chile can be really rewarding as it is packed full with so many adventures to uncover. When you plan your vacation to Torres Del Paine to fall during the autumn when there is a long hour of daylight, fewer winds and the temperature feels warmer. Because Chile is in the south equator, visiting this lovely region during the autumn is a perfect time of sight when the snow is melting, and animal sighting increases. Also if you’re considering to hike in this rugged terrain you should consider hiking the Mirador Las Torres.

  • Cuzco and Macho Picchu in Peru


The Cuzco and Macho Picchu are a once in a lifetime location to visit, and it should be on everyone’s bucket list. Visiting Peru, the northern part of America during autumn is a total game changer for anyone who has had the experience. Although a lot of people travel to Peru they do especially during spring and winter,  but as the rain seems to be going out of season, the crowd seems to be reducing in Peru and not to mention the price of things also. But before you purchase your flight ticket or spend any money you might want to first consider securing a place at the Macho Picchu, especially if you are interested in going for the Huayna Picchu hike.

Going for an autumn retreat once in a while can be a really stress removing whatever you may want to call it, because after visiting such location and having your peace of mind for a couple of weeks, life would all of a sudden begin to make sense again and you can now make critical decisions that can take you to greater heights.

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